“Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?”

I want to write something related to Easter, which is the most important christian holiday. I wanted to write that today, the day after Easter, ‘cause I knew on the Easter day this post would have been mixed among all the Easter wishes and pictures of people with their families, and so on.

I don’t really think I need to apologize if you didn’t get my Easter wishes, and I did not respond to yours. You maybe will share my point of view or you won’t. I don’t mind. Feel free to share it or not share it, the point is: I’ll tell you that in any case.

I’m atheist since 2004, more or less, which is more than 13 years now. I’m vegan since 2013, more than 4 years now. And arguably will always be. Not because I’m close-minded, rather because I’m open-minded. Actually I changed my point of view on politics, on music, on religion, on ecology, more than once in my life. I demonstrated to myself firstly – to the others sometimes – that I can be flexible with my opinions and actions. I used to believe in something superior ‘til the first year of high school. I used to eat meat ‘til I started the university. Then I realized, in these two moments, that I was simply wrong. I was struggling not against atheists or vegans, in fact I never had nothing against them. I never insulted or attacked them in any way. I was struggling against myself. And you know what? Accepting that I was wrong was not a shame, was actually a liberation. There’s no shame in being wrong and accepting it: it is actually a liberating process.

The reason I won’t change now on veganism or atheism it’s because I realized I’m on the right direction. I do not know if real truth exists, or any absolute and thorough explanation of it, but I think that if it exists is somewhere near animal liberation and human liberation, and obviously these goals will never be achieved without abandoning organized religions and meat-eating societies. Actually the world will follow these paths, sooner or later, or there will not be any world in the future, or any future for the world. The progress for humanity goes through the abandon of injustice and violence, and organized religions along with homnivorism are two of the biggest fields where injustice, psychological and physical violence still dominate.

And the worst thing is that it’s not only tolerated and legal what humans do, it’s actually believed as the right way to do it. If I will ever feel the sensation that I am wrong, in the future, maybe I will change again. But I don’t think this will happen in the future, ‘cause it didn’t happen in the last years.

For me it’s about realizing we’re all animals and stepping back from brainwashing imparted and spread by the media, and, perhaps the most sad to say: by the previous generations. Our parents, our grandparents. The parents of our grandparents. Sometimes when you go back in your ancestry you can find interesting stuff. Sometimes it is better to cut this lineage, or at least some attitudes that derive from it, when you think they cannot find a way to exist in this world. Sometimes it’s better to decolonize the mind. I wasn’t born vegan, and never been raised that way. I was baptized slightly after my birth and I’ve been raised in the roman catholic church.

I met these small goat kids in a hiking on the mountains, in 2014.

Following familiar tracks is seldom the best.
I actually went against my family, most of my friends and some of my teachers when I decided to leave behind me gods and dead animals. I didn’t go against them in a physical way. I can say that I fight with values, not with people. And most important, my behavior doesn’t affect my relationship with them today. You can resist and stand fast on your opinions without hurting them. They accepted it today. I don’t want to fight against no one in a physical way, but I cannot accept how often people display an attitude or a behavior and aren’t able to justify it. I’m not saying one must be 100% perfect, but celebrating Easter talking about peace while slitting throats of innocent, kind and small lambs or goat kids, well, it’s far from being consistent.

I’m an animal who doesn’t eat other animals. I always try to behave in order to be someone who can respect others, whether they are humans or not. I won’t be an asshole with you if you choose to eat meat. But I’m not going to stay silent if you ask me why I don’t. These are my thoughts anyhow.

I do not believe in fake gods or fake resurrections, not even in gods or resurrections. And above all, I do not believe in celebrating a massacre.

Hopefully, will you let us know if ever the lambs stop screaming?

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